Architectural 3D Printing Service For Busy Firms

Accelerate your architectural projects with our premium 3D printing service in Malaysia, enhancing productivity and boosting client conversions.

Our Service Is Perfect For

Trade Show

Showcase your unique creations and make a lasting impression amidst the competition with our 3D print service.

Study Models

Empower architects to transform their CAD designs into tangible representations for enhanced visualization.

Some Of The 3D Printed Architectural Models That We’ve Worked On

How It Works

Why Choose R3DPrints To 3D Print Your Architectural Models

Get Expert Help

With extensive experience collaborating with architectural firms, we excel in delivering high quality 3D prints for architectural models. Our team of experts identifies and resolves any potential issues in your models, providing valuable guidance for optimal results. Trust us to bring your visions to life flawlessly.

Fast Turnaround

At R3DPrints, we comprehend the importance of meeting tight deadlines and handling urgent projects. Our streamlined 3D print service process enables us to transform time consuming model making tasks that typically require weeks into impressive results within a matter of days.

Smooth Surface Finish

Our advanced industrial 3D printer guarantees a smooth surface finish, which will bring your designs to life with precision and perfection. Choose us for unrivaled quality in 3D printing services.

Cost Effective

Save time and resources by choosing R3DPrints for your architectural model 3D printing needs. Avoid the hassle of assembling an in-house team and purchasing expensive industrial printers. We handle labor intensive tasks like post processing, support material removal, polishing, providing affordable cost and high quality results.

Unlimited Scale

We possess a fleet of expansive, large format 3D printers capable of constructing enormous architectural models. No matter the size, whether it engulfs an entire room or more, we are fully equipped to handle your project with ease. Choose our 3D print service for unlimited possibilities.

Frequently Ask Question

How much do 3D printed models cost?

The cost of 3D printed models vary from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands of dollars depending on the size and the complexity of your design.

What are the benefits of 3D printing your scale model?

3D printing can create highly detailed models in no time. It can even create complex structures that traditional model makers can only dream of.

What 3D printing technology do you use?

We use SLA 3D printing which is perfect for 3D printing architectural 3D models. We don’t use FDM printing because it doesn’t produce high quality prints that our clients deserve.

What 3D printing material do you use?

We use industrial SLA resin. This material produces high-detailed prints with smooth surface finish that can easily be painted or metal plated.

Do you offer delivery?

Yes, we can ship your architectural models nationwide.